Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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Use offer source coupon code REVIEW50 upon checkout at to get up to 50% OFF on Bullet Blaster and other sex toys, free shipping, free adult DVDs and a mystery gift!  Hi! I’m back in my bedroom and I’m really excited to tell you about one of my favorite gifts to give. It’s a great twist on a classic pleasure toy and it actually changed up a little bit so I’m going to tell you about it. In this box is the Bullet Blaster. Bullet is a really popular, almost a micro pleasure toy. The fun thing about the Bullet Blaster is they kind of added some bells and whistles. And I think this makes a really great gift because of all the fun little accessories that comes in the box. The difference between this bullet and the ones that you might have seen before is that it’s a little bit smaller and it comes on a cord. The reason it comes with a cord is because this is remote controlled which is a really fun addition to the bullet concept. These are discreet but way powerful. So they’re really fun to have and they’re really easy to carry on. The remote control has 3 different frequencies -low, medium, and high. All you’re going to need for the Bullet Blaster is your regular AA batteries which go in the back. The thing to remember about this is that it takes 3 AA batteries so make sure that you buy that 4 packs or you have an extra batteries lying around. You don’t want to go and use and you only have 2 batteries and wonder why it’s not working. The product comes with 4 sleeves or covers. This is one of the examples that I’ve already put on. It’s got nubby little teeth that are made out of silicone that are really great against your skin. Depending on what you like, you can change up the sleeves. One is the spiral, one is bumpier, and one is more twisty. It’s fun to change them up to see what different sensation that you like the best. Part of the reason why this is a great gift is because normally you don’t get a bullet with all of these fun stuffs with it. It’s kind of a flashy presentation to be able to present your friend, your girlfriend or whoever you’re giving it to this flashy little gift set along with the remote control. It’s a really fun twist to a normal bullet because the sleeves will actually fit a regular bullet. The best thing to do is to take some water-based lubricant because these are made out of silicone and add a couple of drops inside so that you can slip the sleeves on. That way, it would be easy to come on and off and get them in and out. You can change the sleeves and they pop right on and right off. And if you don’t want to use the sleeves, you have a micro-bullet to take with you that is just as strong as the normal version. It feels as loud as it sounds. This set makes a great gift to give to somebody who has already a lot of pleasure toys or maybe just someone who you’re not sure what exactly they like. This is the Bullet Blaster. Make sure that you grab one; it’s wonderful for every collection. Use offer source coupon code REVIEW50 upon checkout at adamandeve to get up to 50% OFF on Bullet Blaster and other sex toys, free shipping, free adult DVDs and a mystery gift!

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